3. COMMUNICATIONS                                                                                                                                   

Your employees and customers are the most valuable assets. We believe that an effective communications strategy could increase employee productivity, customer loyalty and cohesion to achieve your company's unique objectives, and build on company pride and loyalty.

Inkanyezi Marketing Communications & Promotions can strategically communicate your message to reach your desired audience be it Internal communications or customer communications.
We help foster rewarding, productive relationships all stakeholders and management utilising a variety of marketing communications tools.

Previous Work:
De Beers Internal Newsletters
     • Our services included: design Concept, sourcing stories from the Employees, getting a buy in from the employees, naming the
        Publication "Sparkle", and finally producing Sparkle 1 and Sparkle 2

Women's Month Intervention (pamper session/spa treatment at the Head Offices of PPECB for the internal)

Internal Breast Health Awareness Campaign to encourage women to self examine their breast every month and the importance
     of wearing the right Bra.

Design of poster for HIV/AIDS internal awareness campaign

Corporate Clothing and gifting


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